Photoelectrochemistry of semiconductors at the nanoscale:
from fundamental aspects to practical applications

23-26 April 2017 Szeged, Hungary


You are cordially invited to the 21st Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, which will be held in Szeged, Hungary from 23 to 26 April 2017. The meeting will provide an opportunity for delegates to interact and share their findings on a wide range of topics related to the electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry of nanostructured semiconductors. By providing a common platform for researchers with interests in surface science, electroanalysis, bioelectrochemistry, photocatalysis, solar energy conversion and storage, and electrochemical materials science in general, progress can be made on understanding and exploiting light induced interactions at semiconductor interfaces.
Szeged is a major university town located at the southern part of the country, also called the City of Sunshine. Szeged has been long renowned for its cultural and architectural heritage (as it features several exemplary pieces of the Hungarian secession); as well as its gastronomic traditions and innovations. Fish restaurants with a unique atmosphere are perched on the bank of the River Tisza, serving the obligatory Szeged style fish soup.
Szeged eagerly awaits your arrival to treat you with warm hospitality to make your experience in this city a most memorable one. We also hope that you will take a chance to visit Budapest, the capital, one of the cultural hubs of Central Europe and a highly valued tourist destination.