Scientific Scope

The role of electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry in the:

- (i) synthesis (e.g., both templated and templateless electrodeposition, light assisted electrodeposition, electrophoretic deposition)
- (ii) characterization (e.g., EIS, combined in situ electrochemical methods, surface photovoltage spectroscopy, IMPS/IMVS)
- (iii) application (all electrochemically operated applications will be discussed ranging from photoelectrochemical cells, photocatalysts, flow-batteries, to electrochromics) of nanostructured semiconductor materials.

From the materials perspective, the meeting covers nanostructured electrodes made of:

- inorganic semiconductors (oxides, chalcogenides, etc. 1D, 2D, and 3D nanostructures)
- organic semiconductors (e.g., conducting polymers, covalent organic frameworks)
- hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductors (organic lead-halide perovskites, inorganic semiconductor/conducting polymer assemblies, graphene based materials, conductive MOFs, etc.).