Venue and Location


The meeting venue is the Hungest Hotel Forras****, which is a well-known conference hotel. It is located in New Szeged, in a wonderful green garden district on the bank of the River Tisza, within a ten minute walk away from the city center.


Szeged has a moderately warm, dry climate. It is also called the City of Sunshine, because of the large number of sunny hours throughout the whole year. The end of April is characterized by daily high temperatures around 20°C (68°F).


The main international airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport. Szeged is located at the southern part of the country, within a 2h direct train ride from the Airport. Budapest is linked to 15 European capitals by train, directly or indirectly. It has three main railway stations, from which Express and InterCity trains lead to all the country’s main tourist regions. Shuttle buses will also be provided upon request (20 euros one way, or 40 euros return trip).